Anil Ambani looking into buying Newcastle

Anil Ambani buying newcastle club They just refused a rumor that Anil Ambani group is looking into buying Newcastle. Here is something interesting they also say.

'We have not expressed interest in Newcastle. There is nothing in the latest stories. It's a non-starter. As of now there is no interest, although I cannot speculate on what may be the future plans of my management.'

It would be cool if he could buy a English premier league club. At least we can cheer a team with something in it for us. Russians and Saudis own English premier league clubs so why not an Indian.

Hope this goes through and we all could cheer for Newcastle.

I don't think he should invest in India football, instead if he buys this club, he should try and get Baichung Bhutia a chance to play for Newcastle. That way many youngsters will get inspired and get into football in India.

Then they can invest in Indian Football.