Bsnl ups speed of unlimited broadband for home

I recently was checking the bsnl site and found that bsnl was offering higher unlimited broadband speeds at twice the price of previous connection for home users.

They are offering unlimited 512 kbps for 1350 per month for home users. I went ahead and got an account.

And I have to say its a please to surf at these speeds. I can't wait for the days of 1 mbps or 8 mbps.

If you are not good with number here is how good the speed is. You can watch a you tube video without buffering. Before with the 256 kbps you had to wait for the video to pre load. Now with this new connection you can watch you tube without buffering.

You get around 60 kb speeds. Its takes around 1 minute to download 3 Mb. In 9 hours I download 1.25 Gb (I download a lot of video podcasts by the way).

So all I can say is go get one and have fun.

Its sad state of affairs when other competitors can't even come close to competing with the bsnl.

None of the other providers give speeds like this at this price point. See for yourselves Reliance, Airtel etc.