Google chrome my review

google chrome browser review

Last night I downloaded goggle's new browser. Its only 7 Mb download which was good. But it took a while for me to download on the slow dial up connection I had. I guess many people might have been downloading it.

So what do i have to say about the chrome browser. Its fast, loads fast almost as quick as the ie or better. And it looks very simple as you can seen from the screen shot. I have enabled the bookmark bar, if it was not enabled it would look even simple which is really cool by the way.

The webpages loads fast so far i have not seen a single site that had issues with the browser. The loads very fast compare to other browsers. Most of the other sites load quickly and its not an issues.

It remembers password and in a good way. Only once you successfully log into an account will it ask you if you want to save the password.

There is no bookmark manager but you can drag them on to the bookmark bar and rename them make folders etc.

Things i love about Chrome.

Its size, only 7 Mb and its simple and clean UI.

It has a task manager to see which tab is taking how much memory etc.

If one tab crashes only that tab has to be close not the whole browser.

You can see history as a webpage with timings and date neatly laid out. In fact the best way to look at history of your browsing on any browser.

The main page is done write. It automatically loads the 9 most visited sites in the main page. You don't have to add them like opera. There is no way to edit or remove them, which is fine with me.

All in all i love this browser. My only issue is Google reader doesn't work. I login and it goes to that page but nothing loads. Its works fine on other browsers so i am not sure what the issues is. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Other things like gmail etc work great. You can also save a short cut to any site on your desktop. And return to it when you click that shortcut. This turns Google chrome into an application.

You can log into gmail and make a shortcut for it and close the browser. Next time you click that shortcut it takes directly to your inbox. The browser in which its opens is clean, it doesn't show address bar or anything just your mail. Which makes it like an application for all your web stuff.

You can save a shortcut to a your Google document and put in on your desktop or start menu. Next time you click that link it takes you directly to the document if you have not signed out.

This feature alone makes it the best thing since slice bread. With this feature you can official switch to Google docs from Microsoft word. You will never loose you documents and will have access to them any where you want. And using Google gears which comes with the browser you can even work offline.

Just select offline from the Google docs page and it will download all the documents and you can work offline. When you are done just connect and go online.

All in all a great browser my only request to Google is don't add any more features and make it slow, big and ugly.

It has already become my default browser. I still keep safari, firefox and ie just in case.