Google's interesting way to market a new product


Apple does how to videos to market their products. Google did a comic to market their new browser project called Google Chrome.

The comic has helped so much in giving all the details about the project. Why it will be a better browser than all the other out there.

And also why they are doing the way they are doing it.

Unlike Apple which tries to hide all the people who design and develop these products. Google puts all of them in their comic as characters explaining the product.

Special mention has to be given to the artist Scott McCloud who didn't do a boring corporative presentation. Instead he did a wonderful comic with nice illustrations. I think no one could have explained a browser so interestingly. And he uses no color in the comic which is another compliment to him.

Google know the web and the people who use it. Geek's love comics so it was a perfect blend. Hope many companies will adapt such marketing strategies so that we can better understand their reason for doing the way they are doing it.

If nothing we will get few free comics to read.

Read the whole comic here