How to improve safari on iphone

Safari browser on iPhone is the best damn browser out there on any mobile. So is there something more to improve.

Not much but here is what I think apple should change to improve safari in iPhone. It's not like they will allow other browsers, so hope some one at apple takes these into consideration.

The big change I want is full screen but I think apple will not do that because it could confuse people. So the best thing they could do is to make the task bar and the address bars disappear after the page loads or once the user clicks the stop button that way users get more screen space to see the webpage. Similar to how the video play back works. You see the controls only when you want them.

At the moment the address bar disappears once you scroll down the page but the status bar stays on wasting the valuable space.

How apple missed this in the first place is not quite obvious. It's a small change and will give the user full screen mode without much change.

Apple already offers option to change the search engines. So why not a bookmark sync, why not parter with delicious or even google or yahoo bookmarks and offer a way to sync bookmarks. They also could roll their own free bookmark sync. I know they do it with mobile me. What I am talking about is only bookmark syncing.

The last thing is plugins. You don't have to let others plugin, I didn't want to see yahoo or google toolbars what I am taking about is plugins to play mp3, and other file formats. Just support the main one and I would be happy. Like .avi, mp4 etc.

I can already do this with dtunes on jailbroken iPhone. So it can be done and it's not that hard.

Hope they take some of these suggestions into consideration. Comment away if you like to see any other changes.