Iphone from bsnl with 3G by December

According to the reports recently. Iphone could be coming soon to BSNL. Which is great because BSNL offer an unlimited data plan for pre paid customers.

Unlimited data plan is a must if you want to use the iphone fully. So its a good news that bsnl will be getting the iphone with 3G service soon. Bsnl are the only providers who give unlimited data plan at the moment.

I am currently using the iphone with bsnl pre paid sim with unlimited data plan. The only thing I miss with bsnl is the roaming facility. I have to pay by the usage when I am roaming. I would pay twice what I pay or even around 600 Rs per month for a unlimited data plan that works any where in India even when roaming.

Hope bsnl fixes that when they release iphone with bsnl.