dtunes makes iPhone a real good iPod

image1294603455.jpgIf you have a jail broken iPhone you should try the dtunes app. Which can transform your iPhone into a really good iPod. Once you install this app you can download any mp3 that you can find with safari and save it to the iPhone and listen to it when ever you want.

You say what's so special about that. This app comes built in with a nice interface for a site called seekpod. Seekpod brings all the mp3 files from around the internet to the iPhone in a iPhone friendly site. You can search and find any music you want and download it and listen to it when ever you want once downloaded. You can also type in other urls and download from there too. For bollywood music just type bollyfm.net.

It also allows you to download videos from tinytube or you can even put your own URL.

This app makes iPhone a really good iPod because you can listen to any music you want where ever you want.

You can find it on cydia on jail broken iPhone.