iphone app cooliris and a trick to make it useful

cooliris_app(1) I found this free app called cooliris. Which lets you browse Google images site in a really cool way. You can put a search term and do a search and it will bring you only the pictures in a beautiful way with all the iphone touch controls like pinch and flick to see next image.

But once you find a nice image you can only email it. You can’t set it as a wallpaper. So here is a simple trick to make this app really useful. Once you find the picture you want, tap it once and it will show a small preview, tap it once more and it will fill the iphone screen. Once it does just take a screenshot by pressing iphone home button and power button at once.

cooliris_app(2) cooliris_app(3)

Now just go to your photos on iphone and you will find the photo that you searched for there and you can set as a wall paper, email or even blog it from there.

Very nice app, and what’s the first things I search for girls of course.

Oh by the way it can also search flickr, smugmug, devianart, yahoo etc.