iPhone headphone where can I find one


Recently my iphone headphones got damaged after long and rigorous use of more than 6 months. So I decided to get new ones but the official once cost a fortune around 1500 Rs. So I thought I would get a better deal and looked in eBay and found head phone for 250 Rs. I bought two sets of them just in case.

On arrival one would not fit into iphone so I had to do a little hackery with a blade and it got in. But it didn’t have the small thingy that the official ones have with which I could take calls and end calls and also stop music and start music etc.

The other one had the thingy and it worked for one day, from the next day the button started stopping music and starting music when my shirt would flick against it. Some times for no reason at all.

Within a week both of them stopped working. So now I am on the search for a good pair of head phones. Since I am going to spend money, I am looking at Bluetooth headphone that work with iphone. But strangely they are now where to find. No shops are selling, all are selling these cheap head phones.

Apple why don’t you have apple stores in India yet. I will update on how my search goes on and what I buy.