Sathyam Cinema the entertainment paradise

sathyam_cinema Sathyam cinema was the best place to watch movies in Chennai. Now they have gone ahead and made it even more better by adding a gaming section. The 4,5,6 floors at Sathyam cinema now offer gaming arcade called Blur. They have a pc gaming section a console gaming section and an arcade gaming section. They even have a two lane bowling alley and restaurant and a snack bar too.

You have to register by paying 100 Rs and you get a blur card with 80 Rs which you can use. Here are the charges.

Pc gaming 1 hour 60 Rs
Consoles 1 hour 60 Rs
Arcade depends upon each game
Bowling 100 Rs per game

Weekends the prices go up a little higher.

On pc you can play all the latest games like crysis, call of duty etc.

On wii they offer Mario cart wii sports and other games

On Xbox 360 and Ps 3 they offer all the latest games like fifa 09, gears of wars etc.

They have some cool arcade games that I have not seen anywhere else. They have about 30 or so arcade gaming systems.

If you have not seen or played wii this could be the best way to give it a try. You can play with your buddy in a two player game.

If you don't want to play for 1 hour you can stop when ever you want and continue that later when you have time. You can carry on balance for up to one month.

They even have special deals like 300 Rs for unlimited gaming for one day that's for consoles only not arcade.

The snack bars too offer some very cool stuff to eat which you can order as you are playing and they will bring them to you.

And the friendly staff are more than willing to help you.

All in all a very good place to spend some time with friends. And best way to try out all the gaming consoles.

There is no way you can offered all three of them so this could be the way you try the other systems.

Try and avoid weekends if you don't like crowds. They don’t allow taking pictures which is a shame because it could bring such publicity. Even though they have hoardings at the theatre. Lack of advertising of their gaming arcade is surprising.

I only came to know about it because I visit their website to book tickets. Its also quite surprising how many people still buy tickets at the counter. That too is not promoted well enough.

You can book tickets to Sathyam theater in Chennai here