Steve Jobs and Apple pay price for having fan boys

There were reports that Steve Jobs suffered an heart attack recently according to an ireporter. I don't think this is the kind of news the stock market wants to hear generally and especially at this point of time. Even the apple stock is struggling to keep up with all the rumors and news.

Recently Steve jobs health was reported about in a big way after a lot of rumors, and also after his appearance at recent events.

Apple is going to pay in a big way for their fan boy culture. Even though it helps the company sell products, it also makes a big deal even about the smallest news, problems etc. So it's a double edged sword for apple they have to find a real way to deal with it or face huge problems.

They have already made apple keynotes dull. What's next will they make apple dull.

Hope not Steve deal with the fan boys soon or suffer because of them.

It's not always a good thing to have fan boy.