Tata Sky ups the ante with first dish DVR


Tata sky has just launched the Tata Sky plus which they are saying will record live TV like a TiVo. It can even record one program while you watch another. You can also schedule recordings.

Which will be great for me because I like to watch Spanish football matches at 2:00 am this way I can record the match and watch it, next morning.

They are promising around 45 hours of recording capability with their new set top box called Tata sky plus. This box at the moment costs around 9000 Rs.

They are promising a special offer for the existing Tata sky subscribers pretty soon.

This put Tata sky in the lead. If they can bring this set top box to the market at 4000 Rs they could have almost all the dish market.

This brings TiVo functionality to India, and for the foreseeable future this seems to be the only way to get TiVo functionality. Because the cable guys don’t even offer program guide which is essential for recording TV.