Wireless mouse never buy them cheap

Wireless Logitech Mouse This is my second article on why not buy things cheaply.

For the last two years I been trying out wireless mouse's out. I thought paying 1000 Rs for a mouse was absurd and went with 300 and 500 Rs ones that I found on eBay and India times shopping site.

Both of them didn’t work well. Even when they did work they would be very slow and I have to activate the wireless connection every time I turn on my computer which was a pain even on a laptop where I could easy get to usb.

Finally I gave up and used wired mouse.

Recently I decided to give the wireless mouse one last try this time I thought I will go high end and spend some money. I wanted to get Microsoft ones but they cost too much around 3000 Rs or so.

So I bought Logitech ones at 1200 Rs. It works flawless on my vista machine I don’t have to setup anything or sync their wireless connection etc. I use rechargeable batteries and it last more than 10 days with heavy use. Once you use wireless mouse you will never go back to wired ones.

Wireless Logitech Mouse The Logitech one I bought also came with a software that I can use to add special functions. My mouse had four way scrolling so I used the horizontal scrolling wheel for copy and paste. When I select something and tilt it to the left it copies, when I tilt the scroll wheel to the right it pastes. Once you put these short cuts you will see how easy windows is, now more key combos to copy and paste.

The software you need for adding these special functions is called set point and is available for free on Logitech site and also comes with the mouse on a cd.

So when you go to buy a wireless mouse spend a little more and get a good one and don’t buy the cheap one that are being sold for 500 Rs they don’t work.