What to do about computing

I am looking for a computer, I want one that will be reliable and work for more than a year without any issues.

Should I go for a desktop or a laptop.

My laptop is showing problems, how convenient just after its out of warranty it starts showing issues. I don't trust it anymore because I don't know when it will break down again. Its definitely a hardware issue. I don't want to get stuck with all my data on it. I save most of my stuff on the pen drive, but still I don't want to setup all my work process again.

Is laptop or a computer a good buy, both of them have negatives. I will lay them out here for you, hope they will help you in making a decision, when it comes time for you to buy a computing device.

eeepc_buy I even have a eeepc but I seriously can't think of it while working. If I just had to do blogging or browsing some stuff  or watch you tube etc. I might have considered it but for serious computing needs eeepc is not good enough. Even though you can get a bigger screen resolution and a bigger hard drive its still not good enough for serious computing needs. They are even claiming 8 hours battery life. But still I can't bring myself to buy one as my laptop replacement.

So what about desktops. They are cheap and for 15000 Rs you can get a decent computer assembled. But the freedom of not being able to take it where I want is a real issue for me. If I didn't have to move, this could have been the best choice. I would be seriously considering this option if money was an issue. Even getting two computers would be cheaper than buying another laptop. So I should seriously consider this as an option. I can always take my data with me on a 16 gig pen drives, that are available now for around 1200 Rs. If money is not an issue you can get cool desktops like imac and hp touch smart PC which cost more but they are all in one desktops.



But my big problem is I am becoming an apple junkie, I want a macbook. But they are so highly priced in India that, it costs around 75000 Rs to get the new macbook's where as in USA you can get them for around 50000 Rs. You can get a 56000 Rs macbook but that is not the new one. Should I pay the higher price to get a quality product. You wouldn't believe the time I spend in scanning for virus on my windows computer. Even with a firewall and an anti virus program, virus still gets into my computer. So mac OS is really an interesting alternative for me. But the prices are so high. I can get three decent desktops or two very good laptops for that price.

So if you have anyone overseas then ask them to get one for you if you want an apple laptop. Buying them in India is really stupid. Why can't apple subsidize for Indian market, if they lower their prices they could have a big market share in India.


I could get a new laptop, you can get nice ones for a lot cheaper now. but I don't want to spend another 30000 Rs or so again. This time I want my Laptop to last at least two to three years.

So I am not sure what to do...

The new Macbook is really tempting. If I buy it I will put a review on the site.