zoomin.com print your digital photos online

imageI was looking for a site to get my digital photos printed. I heard of zoomin and thought I will give them a try. using their service is pretty simple. Just go to the website and create an account. Once done upload your pictures and just print them. You can choose any size for a photo or get all the photos in the same size. 4x8 is what I got my photos printed, they are charging 4 Rs per photos. I got 100 photos printed for 450 Rs or so including shipping.

Zoomin main pageI enquired about the price outside in a photo studio. They said it will cost 180 Rs to get a roll developed. That is 32 photos which comes to 5 Rs, which is costlier than the zoomin guys. The best part is you pay them online and forget about it and in a two days time the photo come to you in courier. They promise same day deliver in cities. No more going to drop the photos and picking them up again etc. When I received the package, it had the albums in them and also a paper photo stand for one photo which is a nice touch.

And the quality was also really good. you can even choose different type of finishes when you buy online.

Zoomin order pageThey even advice you how big you can go with your photos. When you go for a bigger size, if the photo is small they warn you not to print it at that size.

You can get t-shirts and coffee mugs, calendar etc printed with your photos. Even greetings can be printed with your photos which I will be using this new year. The price is a bit high for these stuff but I guess they are premium stuff.

Zoomin photo uploading pageThis is the best way to get digital photos printed in India at the moment. No worry or hassle, they have apps to upload photos to their site and even their online uploading works really well. I uploaded around 100 photos of 52 mb in 15 minutes or so. Which is really fast and easy.

They even had an offer so I got a 2 GB pen drive free. So give this a try a very nice service to get your photos printed in India at very reasonable price.

Things I would like them to improve

Offer laminated photo frames or other frame options. Also put a illustration that show the different photo sizes you offer. Its not like all are photographers and understand how big a 4x8 size would be. Why not put a faq that would show how big a photo would be with real objects. like a 4X8 size photo would be as big as a postcard etc. If you can do a pictorial comparison it would be easier for people to order and also this will encourage them to get bigger prints. rather than saying 16X12 if you say as 40 inch TV etc it would be easier for non photo experts to understand.

All in a very neat service which I will be using quite often.