The netbook hype read this before you buy one in India

Every where there seems to be net book hype. It's topping all the shopping Lists and gift guides. But be aware of the short falls of net books before you buy one.

acer_aspire_one dell_umpc

1. Screen is not big enough, In this age of bigger screen TV's. It's strange to see a small screen computing device selling this well. The best net book you can buy now has around 10 inch screen which is really small. I advice you to go and use one for yourself before buying it. Even though the resolution is higher now, using net books for browsing can be frustrating. Unlike iPhone content doesn't zoom to fit to the screen . So it will be very small to read, you will either go a smaller resolution and scroll a lot or keep zooming a lot. So use it in person first, try and look at websites you visit everyday and see how usable it is.

eee_pc_1000 hp_mini

2. Storage most of the new net books have good storage like 80 GB etc. But once you get these net books you will realize its not enough. You want all your content every where so you will want more storage space which you can't get with these net books. i thought i couldn't fill an 8 GB iPhone now i feel like i want 32 GB on a phone. So 80 GB of storage is nothing.


3. Security these net books are very small so what is the first thing you will do, take it every where you go. That increases the chance of losing it. So imagine how bad it would be if you lose a computer with all your content and accounts on it. Not only that because you will be using it everywhere like wifi hot spots etc that too increases the chance of your computer being at risk.

4. Price, its not that cheap as the companies advertise. You can get a top end assembled computer for that price. You will not get the portability but it will more than make up for it in power. So why spend upwards of 20000 Rs for something that is not that fast.

So in conclusion if you want something that is powerful and will let you browse Internet away from your computer get an iPhone. Why get another gadget that you would hard press to find an real use for and regret buying after a few days.