Twenty 20 Malayalam movie is a must watch


This film is known for starring all the major actors in the Malayalam movie industry. It was made by actor Dileep's production house and is a must watch for any Malayalam movie fan.


According to the reports this movie was made to raise funds for the AMMA which is Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes. All the actors in the movie worked without any pay. A really nice way to generate fund for a movie organization.


The movie was a huge success collecting 2.5 crores on the first day and 10 crores in the first week of release. So hope they will make more such movies in future with all star cast.

More about the movie.

Its a murder thriller with quite a bit of comedy thrown into the mix. Its been quite long since I had so much fun watching a Malayalam movie. I thought it might not have a good story and would be boring with cameo roles from the stars.

But that was not the case all the stars are important to the story and they excel in their roles.

I don't think other movies industries can achieve such a film because of the egos of the stars. So its really nice to see actors acting and not worrying about their images.

Its a must watch, I will also be getting a DVD of this movie because its a keeper. Things like this don't happen everyday, so don't miss it.

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