Apple opens up the app store

Edge browser app for iphoneThe one complaint everybody had about App store was that they would not allow third party apps that compete with its own apps.

But that changed today because they have allowed other web browser apps on to the app store. So how long will it take for Microsoft, Opera and Firefox to come to the app store.

Hope quite soon, this would encourage apple to innovate on their own apps which have not seen any major changes through all the 11 firmware updates that it has put out for iPhone.

The image on the right is of the new app called edge browser. which is a free app that will allow you to see one site in full screen no address bars or navigation. I have put my mobile rss page for quick access. You to can use this page by going to (its a page with rss feeds of major sites formatted into iphone format)

Let see what more apps apple will approve.

Read more about the new apps approved by Apple app store