Is Steve Jobs that improtant to Apple?

Unless you were under a rock, you would have heard everything about Steve's health issues and his 6 month medical leave etc.

But the real question is...

Is Steve Jobs that important to Apple.

For all the reports i have seen of the few days about his replacement it looks like Tim cook is the one who's really making all of it work and Steve was a just a good show man.

Most of the design is done by Jonathan Ive, video of him talking about the aluminum mac book was anything to go by he looks like the only guy who could design such stuff with out any input from others.

Then the question is what is Steve's roll in all this. Is he there to make sure no buttons are put on it or to make sure you don't get cut and paste, Or make it a carrier locked phone etc. And i could go on and on.

Because if you think of it all these things don't make any business sense. If it was up to Tim Cook he would have gone with iphone as a open device and not locked to one carrier. It makes a lot of business sense to do that. They could have sold twice as many as now.  Can you imagine an ipod that could play only one music labels songs.

So could Steve Jobs leaving apple improve it from where it is right now?

I think so, Music industry will be more than willing to make deals with Apple without Steve Jobs, same goes for movie industry or any other partners for that matter.

I am not saying Steve Jobs doesn't bring anything to the table, but for what he does bring there is  far more baggage attached with it.