Its hard to justify a mac book purchase

i recently got a mac book, and i am loving it but still i can't recommend this to any one at least in India.

Price for a mac book with 2ghz and 2 Gb mac comes to 75000 Rs in India and this is thier cheapest model.

Lets just see what else can you get for that kind of money.

You can get a  Hp AU2009 tablet pc. With same configuration and a bigger hard drive for 45000 Rs. You can get a Hp touch smart pc. Or any of the top brands and their best model out in the market don't cost half as much as a apple mac book.

So its hard to recommend it to anyone. Even once you get the laptop expect to spend some more money for programs because most of the useful apps for a mac are paid one. There are very few free alternatives.

So if you are getting a laptop or a desktop go for any thing other than a mac book. But if you have the money to spend then mac book could be a good idea.