Bsnl launches 3G service in India

They have started the 3G service and will have it available for consumers from April 20. Here are something you need to know about the service.

They claim they can provide speeds up to 2mbps, but if you can get anything more than 512 kbps would be great.

You will need to get a new Sim, at the moment or during the launch they don't have number portability. So you will need to get a new number too. They are planning to sell data cards and usb modems in near future.

They have a detailed list of prices for the service. But the thing you will need is unlimited data plan which they are asking 3000 Rs per month for just data plan. Which is quite a bit costly, that will go down as the competitors launch their 3G services too.

I am willing to pay up to 2000 Rs for unlimited data at 512 kbps lets see who can provide this.

Oh by the way you will also need to buy a new phone that is capable of doing 3G.

My attitude at the moment is to wait and see.

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