Politics in India and the coming elections

In the three states i live in election will be coming soon. Its kind of  exciting to see the frenzy that is happening around the elections.

The most exciting one is over in Andhra pradesh. Here two superstars Chiranjeevi and Bala Krishna are going head to head. This election will decide who has more star power. Which was the big questions between fans of the two stars. I am not sure how good of politicians they are. It will be interesting to see how the elections will go and how they will develop the state.

The second most interesting are the election in Kerala which will happen in a couple of months. Its exciting and kind of scary because i am from the region where you hear all kind of killings etc. So its scary, hoping nothing bad would happen and this election will be exciting. I don't have any particular party preference. All i hope is the coming party will do more to develop Kerala. Which needs some serious development to compete with other states.

The last one is Tamil nadu, not sure which side will the election swing this time around. Unlike other states where media has freedom, here the media is owned by both the political parties so its hard to know exactly what is happening in the state without it being biased to one side. But still exciting...

Elections and results in all these three place affect me, because i live in all three of them. Sooner people realize that real development can only come from them and not the government the better. Hope these elections will be peaceful and exciting.