Tata Nano on sale on march 23

The dream car of many India will come on sale in India on March 23rd. The are claiming that they can only produce 3000 of them a month you might have to wait a bit longer even if you make an order today.

I am happy for the people who will be able to afford the car. Now they too can wait at road blocks and traffic jams and pay the high fuel charges.

I really wish Tata's could have made some thing really revolutionary by putting some eco feature in it. If they really wanted they could have made a electric car for that price. Which would have been really revolutionary.

Imagine this, a electric scooter with a range of 100 km costs around 25000 Rs. Just put two scooter together and that would only bring the price upto 50000 Rs. They could have gotten a body and rest of the car features for the rest of 50000 Rs.

Since they were building new plants they could have easily made a factory that could manufacture electric cars cheaper. Its all about the will and they could have found a way to make  electric car that could have cost under 100000 Rs with a range of 100 Km or better. Which could have been revolutionary and made India lead the way for rest of the world.

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