Delhi 6 movie review

Its been quite a while since i saw a good movie especially in Hindi. So i really was surprised how good Delhi 6 turned out to be.

Its such a good take of how the current India is functioning and how the politics are taking over communities that were once harmonies. If this would have won an Oscar i would be really proud of it.

I am not going into the story line because it has many twist that you will enjoy it very much.

It shows all the aspects of India, communities, religion, spirituality, traditions, and the new generation etc.

All the actors and the support artist do justice to their role. Even the Kala Bhandar does its part without ever showing up.

This movie has everything comedy, story, songs and the most important thing a very good message.

If you love movie you have to see this movie. After this movie i saw Billu the barber which was so bad that it makes Delhi 6 even more special.

The songs are by A.R.Rehman (double Oscar winner) and he doesn't disappoint with any of them. A must watch movie for all Indians.