First time Plane journey for the new indian passenger

If you are a new passenger who is for the first time taking a flight. Here are the things to look out for and the procedure of boarding you maiden voyage.

First getting tickets you can get a ticket online or directly at the airport.

Once you buy the ticket online just make a print of it and bring it to airport.

Once you reach airort if you haven't bought your ticket you can buy it here.

There are trolly like the ones at super markets where you can put your luggage and drag it rather than carrying it like i did.

Keep your photo ID and ticket ready because you will asked for it at the counter and sometimes even at the entrance of the airport.

Once inside check you luggage first, which is just taking you luggage for scanning where it will be scanned and tagged.

Then go to the counter to get your boarding pass. Their you can also check in your luggage.

Once you get it just go and wait for your plane.

Before you are taken to runway they will ask for your boarding pass. You will again be asked for boarding pass when you are about to enter the plane.

You will have to switch off your electronic device while taking off and landing.

Best part about the taking off for me is the speed the plane gets when on runway. It feels like you are in a racing car strapped and all.

Once the place takes off the run way you will definitely feel it. Its pretty similar to the experience you will have when you ride a roller coaster.

If you have a good pilot you will rarely feel the altitude adjustments (plane adjusting its height by either going up or coming down a bit ) which are hard to get used to for the first time.

Same thing goes for the landing. The landing part is pretty staright forward, but the altitude adjustment before the landing is pretty scary for the first time user.

Once you land you will be taken from the run way and you can collect your luggage that was tagged  on a conveyer belt like you see in the movies.

Then just walk out of the airport and you are done with the maiden flight.

Which i took recently, Try and fly new airlines like Kingfisher at least for the first time. It make a lot of difference to your first experience. They have new flights even though they cost more than others you will get a better experience out of it.

Pack lightly for the first time, don't take too many gadgets and things etc.

Don't eat too much before you fly, if you get motion sickness there is a bag in front of you that you can use to vomit in. To avoid that don't stuff yourself too much.

Its a special feeling to fly and doing it for the first time is even more special. With prices so cheap you have to fly at least once.