Love marriages are the new trend in india

I recently started noticing more and more people are getting married after falling in Love and not the traditional way of arranged marriage.

Why is this happening, why are we seeing more of these marriages ?

Are they just rebelling for the sake of it or is the culture and trends influencing them to do this.

Is it a good thing i am conflicted, i myself married in a Love marriage that was arranged.

Many parent and elders who follow the old traditions think that Love marriages are bad and don't last long. I know many marriages that have fallen by the way side that were Love marriages. But is it because the Love marriage trend only started recently and so not many success stories to show for. Where as all the marriage that took place in India were arranged marriages until the recent past.

Arrange marriages have their problems too, but not as many as the Love marriage.

I will save my opinion for a few more years.

Let me know what you think is the best way.