New wireless broadband modems in India

Recently both Tataindicom and Reliance launched new wireless Broadband modems in India.

Both of them are priced around 3000 Rs for the modem. Both have unlimited plans for 1000 Rs and 1500 Rs respectively.

But there is a big catch in the fine print they are limited to 10 and 15 Gb per month. After that you will be charged per Mb.

I really was looking forward to using this services even though i have two usb modems already.

But once i heard about the bandwidth limits i am not interested anymore.

Unless they offer unlimited that is unlimited in all ways, i will stick with my bsnl broadband.

TRAI you morons how can you allow companies to advertise 10 Gb capped connections as unlimited. Just because they put a fair usage clause, it doesn't make it right.

If the limit was 150 Gb or even 100 Gb it would have been acceptable.