Real Madrid its sad to see you like this

I am a big fan of Real Madrid football team. I didn't start my affection for them when the galaticos came. I liked them before that, when Claude Makélélé was running the mid field for them. And Raul was the king of Spain. Every touch he took was a goal, and Roberto Carlos was taking those stunning free kicks. Then Luis Figo came and later Zidane, it was almost perfect team then. And who can forget watching and enjoying them just passing the ball around. It was magical, thats how i became their fan.

Now its seems that every player that is big come and plays and leaves the club as its some kind of bus stop. No one is staying there and there is no team building. They bring new players and hope it works and it never does.

Its sad to see them suffer like this, will they ever get back to those days. Where there were no super stars just team players. And they became famous because of their team play, now everyone plays for their own career there is no team play.

If some one at Real Madrid is listening please let these superstars go and bring in team players.

Here is my opinion of the current crop of players.

Iker Casillas - Still best goal keeper in the world for me. I don't think anyone makes as many saves as him in a match. Buffon has a strong defense infront of him, Casillas doesn't. Please never leave.

Míchel Salgado - Scraps for the ball and is the teams muscles should stay.

Pepe - Very good defender should stay.

Sergio Ramos - Younger Robert Carlos hits crosses like he did when he played for Real should stay.

Fabio Cannavaro - Not that impressed, wouldn't mind if he leaves.

Marcelo - Scraps for the ball and put in lot of effort should stay.

Gabriel Heinze - Not as good as Ramos could get more attacking player, please leave.

Fernando Gago - We need some one like Makélélé or Zindane in the mid feid he is not either of them, please leave.

Wesley Sneijder - Please leave, has not impressed me.

Arjen Robben - Too many touches and too selfish to play for a team like real madrid.

Guti - Over rated please leave.

Diarra - Could improve please stay.

Raúl González - He is still the king for me. Make him the sole forward and give him all the passes and confidence. He struggles now mostly because he tries to pass to other players who are not in the same wave length. Never leave can't see you play for any other club

Gonzalo Higuaín - Its like a crap shoot with him one game he is all firing and the next he can't been seen any where near the ball. Wouldn't mind seeing him leave.

I am writing this after seeing them struggle against liverpool and go down 5-0. Its sad to see a team which reached such heights as 9 champions leagues struggle like this.

Mind you unlike others i have to stake awake upto 3:00 am in the morning to see them play. I don't mind seeing them lose as long as they play well. Before the galaticos came, fast attacking football with crosses and darting runs and some style. Please bring that back, hope they improve soon.