Super size everything to become eco friendly

eco friendly earth

Want to become Eco friendly, it's east super size everything you buy.

There are hybrid cars and electric bikes that are Eco friendly. But they are too costly or not realistically priced.

So how does the common man become Eco friendly. What ever you buy, super size it. I don't mean fast food, but groceries and other stationary.

I will simplify it further for you with this example.

Usually I buy shampoo in small bottles, not because they are cheap but because I can try other shampoos sooner. But changing your shampoo or trying all the new stuff out there is not a good idea. So I decided to stick to one shampoo, that's when this idea of super sizing hit me.

Now i buy the biggest shampoo i can find in the market and here is how it helps me.

Big Shampoo - 1 per year - 150 Rs - one visit to the super market.

Small Shampoo - 5 per year - 50 each x 5 = 250 Rs - five visit to the super market.

I am saving 100 Rs and the time it takes to go to super market four times. And also imagine all the plastic you will not be using. That's four less plastic bottles in the land fill.

Its the same math with other ingredients too, like soap etc. Buy them in packs of three and four and you will save money and its Eco friendly too.

See being Eco friendly can also be good for your pocket and for the earth. You don't have to spend huge money to be Eco friendly.