Aircel is my new mobile provider

Aircel recently came to our city Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh. They have some unbelievable offers.

Here are some of the reasons i shifted to Aircel from Airtel.

1. No roaming charges in south India for states like Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu

2. Triple the recharge amount. For example if i recharge for 300 Rs i will get 900 Rs, talk time of 300 Rs for std calls and 600 Rs for local calls. The calling charges are as per other carriers 1 rupee per minutes. This could be an introductory offer but still nice.

This is the big one for me

3. 98 Rs for unlimited internet for 30 days  or one month.

This is the cheapest rate any carrier is offering for unlimited for one month. Airtel were offering for some time but they have stopped unlimited offerings all together.

So i have changed my Sim to Aircel and its working perfectly with my iphone.

Here are some the things you should know about using it on iphone.

Gprs Settings for Aircel on Iphone

You have to put in the gprs settings for the internet to work. To do that on iphone go to settings-general-network-cellular data network and there type APN as "aircelgprs". Leave the user name and passwords as blank.

And it will start working, if it doesn't restart your phone and try again.

Other numbers of Aircel

To check balance type *125#

To get more detailed call report dial 123

To get to the call center dial 121

So far loving the service, the gprs speeds are on par with other providers. I was going to get Bsnl 3G Sim but they are charging nearly 3000 Rs for unlimited usage. So for now i will stick with Aircel.