Ndtv and Cnbc you guys suck

News is not what i am talking about, that's another blog post altogether.What i am talking about is your Tech shows like Gadget Guru, Cell Guru and Tech Toys etc.I really want to find out about the price of gadgets and what is happening in tech industry in India.Your shows suck at showing that information. All you have is guys who talk about anything but gadgets. Finally when they show the gadgets its like a commercial its over before you see it. They have four host to show a 20 minutes program, in that two girls.Thank god for tata sky plus now i fast forward most of the show, like their introduction jokes etc. Out of a 21 minutes show i watch around 5 minutes of content.Then there are show that are like infomercials. On cell guru there is a Nokia n96 widget section that i don't understand the point of. And for the host of Cell guru you are on Tv man fix yourself up.Even i can do better than this, if Tv guys are reading this give me a call.Until then watching web for my gadget news.