Stop imitating iphone please

I have seen one after the other take the iphone challenger label and fall by the way side. Its really sad to see how bad they are.I have used most of them and i will explain how each one falls by the way side.Nokia came up with Nokia music express which looked cool and everything but it has the same windows mobile problem. The interface was not designed for touch input. The have put a pretty layer on top of symbian and it doesn't work that well.The scrolling is not smooth and the rotation doesn't work well. Even the new interface looks like it was made for stylus use and not a finger use. Its so bad that it comes with a stylus to use.The next one is Samsung 3GLess i say is better about this phone. Some time a feature can be the problem of the phone. The sidebar which gets activated by just a click anywhere on the screen its a bad idea. The touch interface is either too sensitive at times and some times not sensitive enough.There is no way to disable the sidebar so every time you move from one scree to another you end up put more widgets on to the desktop. You will end up more time cleaning the screen of widgets than actually using them.Most of the widgets are pretty use less they are shortcuts for web sites.Now the phones interface, scrolling some times works and some times doesn't. The have a photo zoom feature similar to iphone. But it takes 10 times more time to get the photo to zoom on the samsung star 3G. They also have a wonky way to zoom. You have to keep a finger pressed on the screen and move it upwards to zoom. Which is really ugly to use and it takes ages to recognize the finger and start zooming.These are the two i used, there are plenty more that are giving touch interface a bad name. So why are all these companies still imitating iphone. Stop trying to imitate and start doing something new.Things have to reinvented from bottom up and not the other way around.Palm tried something similar but they never were known for their media capabilities. So don't expect a music and video phone like the iphone from them no matter how good they get.Same goes for Android, its a phone for geeks not casual users.So what is the future of iphone challengers, only good one i can think of is Microsoft windows mobile. Their next version of the windows mobile will be really different and mainly touch oriented.After looking at windows 7 i am really hoping it will give iphone something to fight against.So the best thing for other phone companies to realize is forget touch apple, has that in their pockets already.Aim for the next big thing and start innovating.