Love Aaj Kal movie review

loveaajkalA interesting take on Love of this generation. Movie is very well made with a casual look and feel. Saif feels at home in the role as a boy friend for Deepika. I was not a big fan of Deepika before this movie. But after watching this movie i am liking her as a actress. Rishi kapoor also plays an improtant role in this movie. He seems to be there in every movie i am wathcing now.Story of the movie is about two couple who fall in love. But their careers come in the way and they happily break off their relationship. They realize how into each other they were after their break up and come together in the end. In between Rishi kapoors side story offers the inspiration for the two to get back, and to see true Love.This is the second best of Saif i have seen the first one was Dil Chahta Hai.I would have liked a bit more of the old stuff, but a good movie none the less. All the songs are also wonderful.