Samsung Hdtv power board problem

Samsung HDTV

A year back we bought a Samsung 40 inch HDTV.

Recently it had a problem where it would not turn on. The power light would come on the TV but the screen would not turn on. Luckily it was a week left in the one year warranty.

I did some googling about the issue and found that these Samsung HDTV had a power board problem.

We had to take to the service center and they had to keep the Tv for three days. After which they fixed it.

I am writing this post to let you know these things.

1. HDTV's cannot be fixed by local Tv repair guys. There is not much to fix in them you just have to replace the boards inside the Tv which can only be done at a service center and that too takes time because they have to specially order boards for your particular Tv.

2. Don't throw the box that these Tv's come with, its quite handy to take them with the box.

3. Don't expect your Tv to get fixed immeditely it will take time.

I am glad my Tv got its problem during the warranty period otherwise i would have had to pay big money.