Htc Hero I recommend

htc hero i recomend

Recently someone asked me on twitter after my Htc Hero post. If i would recommend others buying this phone. I wanted to give him a detailed reply but on twitter you can only write so much. So here is what i think about the phone.

It is a really good phone that will cost you around 32000 Rs. So what do you get for this kind of money. A open phone with android 1.5 operating system. Here are some of the notable specs.

5 mega pixel auto focus camera, GPS, 3G and an open operating system.

It comes with ROM: 512 MB and RAM: 288 MB. So you will need a big memory card if you want to take your music and videos with you, add another 1200 Rs to the price of the phone for a 8 GB card.

So who should buy this phone.

I would recommend this phone for Internet type people. It's so easy to get to facebook and twitter on this phone. Its even integrated into your contacts and other places on the phone.

It comes with a good browser that can show flash. It has an ever growing market place with all kind of apps.

Gaming is not height priority on this device but you can find some casual games.

So who should not buy this phone

People who watch a lot of videos and take photos with their mobile. This phone has a 5 mega pixel camera but the photos are dull and blurry. Videos play well but not many formats are supported and it takes couple of seconds to skip etc. All these feature are really noticeable when you come from an iPhone.

So if photos are videos are not your main use of phone and if you use Internet and email a lot this is the phone for you.

Unlike the iPhone this can be customised in so many ways that matches your style and use. Also all the content is right on the screen

Last but not the least the phone features it has good phone features, and the bend at the edge of the phone feels very good when you are talking on the phone.

It also has 3G so you are future proof too.

Since i gotten the phone i have been barely able to keep the phone down.