Nokia n900 looks really interesting


Nokia recently has developed some very good thing to go with their mobile phones. Like Ovi service which allow you to store files, music and photos online. And their music and app stores etc.

So switching to their phones seems like a good idea now. But i am really hesitant of using symbian. But with their new Nokia n900 it will run linux and is built top to bottom for touch usage. Unlike other nokia phones which come with clunky ui for touch interface.

The user interface looks really cool and customizable.

Online videos of the phone look impressive.

It will be priced really high like the Nokia N97 31000 Rs. But if it offers what its promising it might be a better purchase than the Nokia n97.

Nokia has already started taking pre orders in other countries.

Will be interesting to see how it will be priced and received in India.

Go here to know more about Nokia n900.