Diwali mosquito blast rockets and crackers


I love Diwali and so do many others who light a huge number of fireworks that day. Many say its pollution but that not going to stop any one from bursting crackers. So why not make it into something helpful.

Most of the cities in India are filled with mosquitoes which bring all kind of diseases etc.

So why not pay the fireworks companies money to develop fireworks that when burst would produce smoke that could kill mosquitoes. If some money was put into this we could develop a safe mosquito rocket that would be fun to burst and also kill mosquitoes.

That way you get the best of the both worlds. Whenever a customer buy fireworks for a few hundred rupees one or two of these could be given freely.

Let the people celebration do the work for you.

This could be late for this Diwali, hopefully this idea will catch on and i will be able to burst Mosquito rocket next year.