Kandasamy movie review


This was tamil film industries attempt to make a super hero movie and it succeeded mostly.

Vikram is really good in the movie and Shreya is sexy too.

This movie has the best first half of any movie i have seen in the recent past and that's quite a complement for the movie. But that's where the compliment stops. Second half of the movie is is so terrible and so different from the first half that it makes the whole movie seem bad.

Vikram has done some amazing work in the movie, sadly the second part of the movie reunins it.


Movie is about a superhero who fulfills wishes of devotees, who write their problems and tie it to a tree in a temple. Hero is like the Robin Hood who robs the rich and helps the poor. Nice concept and nice acting, but poor directlion and excution make the movie a bad one.

You will be entertained in the first half, but will leave the movie disappointed. This could have been a franchise, but second half ruins that chance.