Tata sky+ Review after six months

I am writing this after using Tatasky+ for six months.


I upgraded to Tatasky+ so i only paid 5000 Rs which was reasonable. They took my old tatasky settop box away.


The installation came as a surprise because i thought, and was told by the customer service that there is no installation. I thought i could just swap the settop box, but that's not the case.


A red led glows when a recoding is happening.


This is the remote for Tatasky +


Only these buttons are the extra from the regular tatasky +. Just hit the R button to record anything.

The installation guy comes and installs new hardware near the dish and also put a second cable to the dish. He was only just able to put the second cable because of the tight space inside the wall.

So be aware that there is an installtion for this box and it can only be done by a qualified professional. He also calls in to activate the service one the installtion is finished. So don't think you can do the installtion.

Now the good part, once you paid for the box and the annual package. You can start using the service.

Before i begin once you use the service you will never go back to normal tv ever again.

Here are the feature of the device


Record Tv (You can record two channels at the same time)

Pause Tv (You can pause any channel you are watching and rewind back upto 45 minutes or the moment your started watching the channel which ever is higher)

Record Tv

You can record up to 30 hours of programing. Which is more than a 10 full lenght movies. Once you set the hard disk management to automatic, it will automatically delete the old show and keep recording the new once you choose.


Only settings you can change for tatasky + plus are these shown above.


You can schedule recording up to two days in advance.

You can record two channels at the same time. And watch another recording while this is going on.




When you are playing a recording a blue led light circles around the round dial on the set-top box

You can even set series link which automatically records a show every week or every day. But this feature is not supported on all channels. Only few of them have this feature, but really useful when it works.


The info bar show the time remaining in the recording while playing back, when you press info button.


You can even fast forward the recorded shows to skip ad's or the boring parts.

Pause Tv

You can pause any channel you are watching it automatially buffere up to 45 minutes or whenever you started watching the show. You can change this in the settings menu.



This indicates how far behind you are from the live Tv.


Once you get to know all the features and start using them, you will really love your tatasky+. Now i can't imagine watching tv without a Tatasky+.

Here is a Trick to do a slow motion on tatasky+. Pause the recording and then click forward button to do slow motion, this is not in the manual.


Its priced around 9000 Rs if you are not a Tatasky subscriber. But well worth the price.

I really recommend you get one, it will change your life style enormously.