Dominos new cheese burst pizza and lava cake

Dominos is showing new ads for a new product they are calling, Cheese burst pizza and Choco Lava cake. I wanted to give it a try. And here are the photos and in the end my taste review.


Pamphlet that comes with the order


You can see the chocolate lava already without cutting into the cake. Its a small cup cake size of cake for 60 rupees.


Look at the liquid chocolate goodness


The cheese burst pizza also has liquid cheese. Its coming from between the slice, thats two layers of cheese.


You can see the layer of cheese between the slice.

This is one calories and fat filled meal. The chocolate cake is totally worth it for 60 Rs, you not only get a good chocolate cake but also a some hot chocolate lava inside it. Its something you should definitely taste. This pizza is really cheesy, i finish most of the pizza when i buy one. But this one i couldn't eat more than two slices too cheesy. Give this a go its totally fulling and different to taste.