Photo Frames are such useless devices

I bought one in the early days of these device, it had a small 6 inch screen. I just bought it because it was something new and i thought i would use it. But once i bought it, i realized how useless and they were.

First of all mine resets itself once the power goes off. So i had to manullay set the date and time every time, which it was capable to display. They could have put a small battery in it, that could have helped remember these details even when power went out or they could have saved it to the system. Even then its a useless device, why would you want a device keep churning photos when no one is looking at it. Just not eco friendly and waste of power.

Photo frame would only make sense if they could be used for other things. Like a tablet, when i don't use it and dock it or while charging. It could become a photo frame or weather or news reader. Ipad is a good example of my concept.

That is the only way i think some thing like a digital photo frame could be justified.

If some one can come up with an epaper that could show a photo without any power. And generate enough power from light everyday to show one photos everyday, then i would buy one. All the technologies are available at the moment, some one needs to put it all together.

If you still was to buy one, this digital photo frame is now available in black and white colours for Rs. 8,000 with a one-year panel warranty and two-year product warranty.

Transcend Launches 8-inch Digital Photo Frame