Windows 7 would see more at 800 Rs

I am using a macbook, so i am running mac os x. I want to install windows 7 through bootcamp. I want to get a legit copy but at 6000 Rs, i can't justify it. So i am not going to use windows 7 unless it comes free with my next computer.

If windows 7 came at 800 Rs i wouldn't have even given it a thought, i would have went ahead and bought it. I really don't understand this policy of companies. Can you imagine how many more copies they could sell if it was 800 Rs. They could make this without loosing any money, just give a jewel case and a Dvd with the operating system. No need to include that big packaging that come with the 6000 Rs version. In fact you could sell it as online download for 800 Rs. Then even the cost of burning a Dvd and shipping is saved, which you could pass on to the user.

I know this will never happen, but would be nice if some genius at Microsoft could figure this out.

Trouble is, not all are willing to pay for original software. Win 7, which launched just three months ago, has quickly made its way into the grey market too. The OS is officially sold in India in the price range of Rs 6,000 to Rs 11,000.That's a price level many still find too high, even though it is strategically lower than Win Vista, which was priced between Rs 7,500 and Rs 22,700. According to reports, 50,000 pirated DVDs of Windows 7 were sold in India right from the day of the official launch on October 22, 2009, generating an unaccounted business of around Rs 50 lakh (Rs 5 million).When contacted, a grey market vendor in New Delhi, Palika Bazaar claimed that he had sold hundreds of copies of Win 7, priced between Rs 800 and Rs 2,000, since its launch.

The long wade to Windows 7