Zero rupess note against corruption

Very interesting solution against corruption in india. I am not that daring that i can use this note.

But really interesting idea. This could also be used to catch corrupt officials. Slip one of these notes in a bundle of money and pay them, once they accept it bring a TV channel and show it.

One such story was our earlier case about the old lady and her troubles with the Revenue Department official over a land title. Fed up with requests for bribes and equipped with a zero rupee note, the old lady handed the note to the official. He was stunned. Remarkably, the official stood up from his seat, offered her a chair, offered her tea and gave her the title she had been seeking for the last year and a half to obtain without success. Had the zero rupee note reached the old lady sooner, her granddaughter could have started college on schedule and avoided the consequence of delaying her education for two years. In another experience, a corrupt official in a district in Tamil Nadu was so frightened on seeing the zero rupee note that he returned all the bribe money he had collected for establishing a new electricity connection back to the no longer compliant citizen.

Paying Zero Rupee note agains corruption in India