Indian stock trading should be easier

I have been trying out my hand in stock trading for the past few months. So far i have not made any profits.But its so intimidating to use, even simple things are made so complicated.Here is some of the problems i faced and how i solved them using google docs.I want to know how many stocks can i buy for a particular amount money?All the stock trading platforms i used ask me to provide both these details. How easier would it be if i could say buy RCOM for 10000 Rs. Instead i have calculate 10000*RCOM stock price. Then put the resulting number into the trading system to buy the stock.So in order to make it easier, i have made a google spreadsheet. Which will give you these details. Enter the amount of money and stock price, and the spreadsheet will tell you how many stocks to buy. Also by putting the selling price, it will tell you how much profit you made.If i can come up with something so simple in a spreadsheet. These trading platforms can definitely make it easier on their sites.There is no easy way to find how much profit you are making etc.More on that later...With my spreadsheet you can figure that out easily