iPad and my view about it

I am a gadget afficinado, so like everyone else i too was watching the apple ipad event at 12:00 am eagerly. Trying to get all the details about it etc.After reading few hundred blog posts about it. Here are my view about the device and if i will buy one or not?First the price, its really hard to justify its pricing in India. It will cost as much as normal laptops in India.iPad wifi only version will cost16 GB will be 32135 Rs,32 GB will be 38575 Rs,64 GB will be 45015 Rs.Apple add 40% extra on things they sell india. 499$*46Rs+40%iPad wifi & 3G version will cost16 GB will be 40507 Rs,32 GB will be 46947 Rs,64 GB will be 53387 Rs.Apple add 40% extra on things they sell india.This would have been fine if it had multi tasking. On my macbook i always multi task, like downloading something while reading a web site.All we do on our computers is multitask. So going back to older times is hard for me.Not all indian sites work on safari and these sites have no plans to change the situation soon.This was the main reason for me to switch from iphone to HTC hero. There are some sites that don't load well on safari. i need other browsers, for example stock trading sites don't load in safari. But they load in chrome and firefox. On a laptop i can switch to those browsers, but on iPad i have no such option. Apple will never allow other browsers on iPad. Even with banking sites this is an issue.You could say this is a computer for other members in your family. That's a good point but not at this price. I could buy them a good laptop at this price. Even a good netbook would be cheaper than this.

The iPad is a half inch thick device, with multi-touch, forever connected to the internet, simplified, focussed, affordable, and most importantly, can be superbly productive.

This above point is the only reason i might think of buying one. But it will largely depend on the price i will have to pay for it. If i can pay 20000 Rs for the device and 1000 Rs per month for unlimited 3G. i might get it, but that will never happen. Current unlimited 3G prices on BSNL are 3000 Rs per month.So lets see how it will be priced and that is what will decide if i buy it or not.