How to get speech to text in HTC hero 2.1 india

This feature is disabled in India update of 2.1, which was released few days back.With speech to text you can speak something and the phone will convert that to text, so you could use this text to search web or send sms etc.Before you give it a try, its cool feature but doesn't work that well in India.May its because of the India accent and you also get quite a few server errors. Its because they don't have their speech to text servers in India etc. Now i know why HTC hero 2.1 update didn't come with this feature. It would have been a bad user experience.If you still want to get this feature here is how to get this feature.Go to android market place and download this program "Speak N' Send". Once you install this app when you open this app it will ask you to download "voice search", its not available in market place.So click the below link in the app and download from the apps own server. Once you download this program and install it. Open the program and Speech to text should be working.You can use it in this program or in regular google search on the device.Download Handcent sms program which will help you send sms using speech to text.Sorry for the bad screenshots this is the easiest way to get android screenshots, others are too complicated. I used my laptop webcam.