HTC hero gets update in India

HTC hero gets OAU (over the air update) in India. This evening I got a pop up on my HTC hero android phone. It said system update and asked me to connect to wi-fi for faster download. But I went ahead and updated it on gprs connection.It took about 5 minutes, so I am guessing it's around 10 mb download. So what are they offering in this update, nothing much.They say it has some you tube and system updates. But once it downloaded and installed the update. It restarted, I backed all my stuff expecting the update to wipe my apps.But nothing changed, the only thing they are adding is a software update link. Which checks for new updates regularly.I heard that this is how they roll their firmware. In a couple of weeks time the 2.1 update should arrive for HTC hero in India.The firmware update will be 100 mb or bigger download, so use wi-fi when it comes.Eagerly waiting for 2.1 update, it would be cool if they skip 2.1 and directly go to 2.2 update which is the latest version of Android.