iPad hands on impression

Today I played with an iPad of a friend for a while and here are my impressions.First of all its quite small than I imagined. I was expecting something as big as or close to my 13 inch Macbook. But its small like a digital photo frame a bit bigger than that. Only a little bigger than that.Second thing is how heavy it is, I don't think people will enjoy playing on it holding it in their hand for a long time.But you can easily use it on your lap or arm rest etc.As soon as I turned it on it showed connect to iTunes message. So had to connect it to iTunes and register before I could start using the iPad.The screen, I own an iPhone so that was not such a big deal. But such a big screen with capacitive touch is wonderful to use.Browsing on it looks wonderful, I surfed to quite a few sites on safari and they all look wonderful. And pinch and zoom makes it wonderful to read websites and use internet.I was using this on a wi-fi so pages were loading quite fast. It was a 3G iPad, but we didn't have a sim so used wi-fi.Photos on this thing look wonderful, so do videos.Even though its hard to get any videos to fill the screen because of the screen size. You will have black bands on top and bottom of the video, but still video looks quite good.Music player on it is quite nice. The sound from the speakers was also quite loud, louder than the iPhone.Music and videos take a couple of touches more on the iPad than the iPhone. Which was quite strange, when you compare how good they are on iPhone. You have to select a video and then go to a page about the video info and then click play. On iPhone you just click a video and it plays.Games look really fun to play on iPad, its made for games especially board games.Over all its a fun experience using it, and the hardware is solid apple build. If you have seen a unibody Macbook it looks quite similar to that.Will I buy one at least not this version, I am excited about iPhone 4 though.I would recommend this to anyone who uses internet a lot and doesn't type much.My friend got it from overseas, you can buy it in India anywhere from 35000 - 40000 Rs. Apple has not yet officially launched iPad in India. If they price it around 25000 Rs which is what it sells for in USA. I might think about it, but I know they will not sell it for less than 35000 Rs.