Don't buy tata photon pocket wifi now

Tata photon are offering a new device that they are calling tata photon pocket wifi. Which is a router with a sim that gives your broadband speeds. This device is priced at 4999 Rs.What is the main feature of this device. This device acts a wifi hotspot and allows you to connect 5 different devices to internet.Why i am asking you to not buy this device now. They data plans are shit compared to BSNL 3G plans. Tata photon are offering the same plans they offered for Tata Photon Plus. So if that data wasn't enough for you, now you can share the same connection with five more devices.Even their hardware is crap, the main selling point of this device is portability, so you would guess a router could at least last as long as the laptop battery lasts.

Has an in-built battery for a 2.5 Hrs operation

So if you are in the market for something like this a wifi router that is portable with an internet connection that you can carry. I have two solutions for you.1. Get a portable router that powers via usb, they are available for 3000 Rs. Get a BSNL 3G usb modem and hock that into the router and you have the same thing that is cheaper and lasts as long as the laptop battery. Bsnl have good data plans and especially an unlimited plan.

2. If you have a 3G usb data card like BSNL 3G or any others. You can share that connection via computer to other devices. Here is how i do it.I connect the BSNL 3G usb data card to my mac and turn on internet sharing in settings menu  -> sharing -> internet sharing. And now using the mac's wifi i can connect any device that has wifi to internet. I know there are ways to do the same on windows too.So don't buy the tata photon pocket wifi, wait till they come out with a good battery like (10 hours or more) and an unlimited plan like BSNL 3G.