Using Other sims with bsnl 3G data card

I know many want to know how to use other Sim's with bsnl 3g data card (usb modem). My review of bsnl 3G will be coming soon. Bsnl 3g data card is the only one that allows the bsnl sim to be removed. If you remove the back you can take out bsnl 3g sim and use any other sim even non 3g sim. You can even connect using the bsnl 3g software, no hack required.

Just change the settings to the settings of the particular sim and connect as you would with bsnl 3g sim. I tested this with aircel.For aircel the settings are

Telephone Number : *99#

Username & Password : Leave blank

APN : aircelgprs

I got pretty good speeds, these speeds were as good as the 2g data card speeds. So when you need cheap internet connectivity use your aircel, airtel or any other sim to connect to internet using this method.

It only cost 97 Rs per month to get internet on aircel sim. This method could be a good back up when you don't have internet through other means or when you don't want to pay for one full month.It even works on mac's


Here is a video i recently made to prove to everyone that it does indeed work.


Here is the bsnl software for bsnl 3G data card.

Click on the link below which will take you to Google docs, from there click the file menu and download the original file which will be a zip file with the software.

Bsnl 3G software Windows Version, Mac Version, Linux Version